Wk13 – Artist Interview – Kelsey Zwarka

This week I decided to review one of Kelsey Zwarka’s piece. When I first walked into the gallery I was a little overwhelmed by the odd shapes, bright colors, use of somewhat random items, and the various sizes of all the pieces. At first glance one may think that this can’t be art, it is too jumbled all over the place and it looks like a 4 year old made it. But, if one was to really look at the piece and analyze it, then one would be able to see that even though the piece may seem chaotic there’s beauty in it, and it is in fact a wonderful piece of art.

What I like to compare these pieces to are Dr. Seus books. When I was a child I grew up on my parents reading me DR. Seus books before going to bed. I remember looking at the strange world the characters were in seeing all these bizarre things with strange names. I believe Dr. Seus’ illustrations helped me to be a more creative person. It challenged me to look at things from different angles and to judge things if they are weird and to look again to see the beauty within it. I believe that Kelsey has captured this escence.

Kelsey and Dr. Seus can all teach us something. That if something is in fact labeled weird of taboo, should not be immediately judged or scrutinized.  Instead people should have the patience and sense of mind to look at it from a different angle and not judge because they do not understand something or label it as weird. There is beauty in everything, you just have to look at it at the right angle to see it.


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