Wk15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

This week I decided to review one of Troy Rounseville’s pieces. all of his various pieces were very interesting and I enjoyed how he used different instruments in his art that produced sound. It did not limit itself just to a visual experience, but a sound based one as well. The one piece that I enjoyed most was his mirror room one.

As I was walking around the gallery I saw that there was a door. Granted, I have walked around this room several times and have never seen a door, so it was quite shocking to see a whole room within the gallery. As I opened the door I was greeted by this wondrous goldish glow and the reflections of people within the room. When I walked into the room I was reminded of a movie I once saw that had a glass elevator, and since the room was elevator looking I was immediately reminded of that movie.

After reading Troy’s vision behind this gallery I believe that glass room is suppose to be a place of reflection. Troy is trying to convey that technology is taking over communication amongst people and that our dependence on it is continuing to increase. This room is suppose to be a place where people can get a good look at themselves and decide if they like what they see. So much of our time is devoted to looking at a leit up screen and mindlessly surfing the web, or going about out lives through a computer. Isn’t it time to look in a mirror and ask yourself, “do I like what I see?”


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