Wk15 – Classmate Interview – Emmanuel Lara

This week I got to interview Emmanuel Lara. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture with him, and the bro does not have a facebook, but luckily I can pull a picture from his site and use that. One awesome thing about me and Emmanuel is that we had a class together a couple semesters ago. We were in a history class together and in that class it was required to do a lot of group work. Me and Emmanuel were in that same group and we got to know each other pretty well during this class period.

One thing that me and Emmanuel have in common is that we both love superheroes. Sometimes in class we would talk the whole time about superhero theories, who would win in a fight, out favorite superheroes and critique all the horrible superhero movie spin offs they did. So, it was fun being able to talk about that stuff again with him and talking about all the new marvel movies that are coming out.

It is funny, because throughout this whole course I did not know we were in the same class and it took the last day of classmate interviews to find each other. Oh well, at least we got to hang out before the class is completely over.

If you want to see more of Emmanuel check him out at https://emmanuel8lara.wordpress.com/about/


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