Wk12 – Classmate Interview – Troy Tintiangco

This week I had the opportunity to interview Troy Tintiangco. It is funny because his last name is super hard to spell and looks difficult to say, but when he says it, it does not seem that bad. Troy is a sophomore who is pursuing a degree in film. He comes from San Diego, but live in Long Beach to come to school here.

One cool thing I learned about Troy is that he is apart of a club I used to be in. My freshman year I was apart of NSU which is a Japanese culture club. The club is really awesome, there are a lot of great people there and when I attended this club I felt like they were very accepting. It is awesome to hear from Troy all the new thing they are doing and trying to figure out if we had any acquaintances.

What was super awesome, was that after class Troy decided to go hang out with me and Bre. Me and Bre were planning to go eat KBBQ tacos and we asked Troy if he was down to come hang. He agreed and we went to go get delicious tacos on campus. The tacos were pretty dang good, but I think our conversations and spending time together laughing  was my favorite part.

Overall Troy is an awesome dude, if you want to check out more of him: http://troytintiangco.wordpress.com/


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