Wk12 – Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

This week I decided to review one of Timothy Cooper’s pieces. I think the main reason why I was attracted to this piece is because of the size of it. It nearly took up the whole room and it was honestly a challenge to try to get a good picture of it. Either other students would get in the way of the picture, the piece as a whole would not fit on screen and getting the right angle to make it look good was a challenge as well.

At first glance one might not think much of this piece and only notice it for its size. Generally, it is plain and lacks any real hook to make people want to stay and observe it. However, if one was to really examine this piece they would have scene the true beauty behind it. Each plate may seem the same, but when one takes the time to observe each one they would realize that each plate is unique. Each plate has a different type of swirl pattern on it, some are more smooth and some are a smidge smaller than the others. These difference make this piece much more complex and more interesting to observe.

I really respect the artist explanation of the piece. I enjoyed reading his thoughts about community, because I believe that when a group of determined people come together with a goal in mind they are able to achieve great things. This piece is a prime example of people coming together a creating something amazing.


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