Wk12 – Activity – Teach One

I decided to teach some of my kids I work with at church how to do graffiti art. I essentially told them they could do whatever they want, as long as they used a spray can. I did not want them to feel restricted when they were creating their pieces of art, so I was lenient on how they went about creating their pieces. Some of them used stencils, other just free lanced it and a couple kinda just went crazy and did a galaxy type of look. I bought some shirts and let them create their own customized shirt designs. Overall teaching them the basic techniques on how to spray the can and helping them with ideas was super easy and fun at the same time. My only concern was them not paying attention where they were spraying and accidentally spraying my garage floor or each other.

the crew

the crew


All the kids had a blast and I hope to teach others how to use spray paints in the future!


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