Wk12 – Activity – Feedback

My three favorite activities have to be landscape with a corpse, plaster casting, and e portfolio. I like the landscape with a corpse because I think it was fun to do. People got really creative with killing themselves and it was just a unusual thing to do that turned out to be super exciting. For Plaster casting I just freaking love the beach, so I loved the activity because I got to spend all day at the beach. I believe the e portfolio will be useful in my future, I want to use it as my resume with the hopes of impressing my employers.

My three least favorite have to be instagram, counterfactual identity, and french girls. I did not like the instagram one, because when I posted 4 posts on my instagram my friends kept bagging on me for posting more than one post a day. The counterfactual identity was stressful. It is hard for me to go up to people I do not know and talk to them. This is especially true when I do not feel  comfortable and when I was dressed differently I felt very insecure. With french girls, I really enjoyed the app, but trying to find someone iphone to use was a real pain and made it very inconvenient for me.

Overall, the class is really enjoyable and I like how we are able to actually go out and do art instead of listening to a boring lecture. I got to know a bunch of great people and learned so much. If i could change one thing it would be more information about the artist and their galleries. I would like to know a more general background of the artists and their inspiration about their pieces on Tuesday so I can have a better idea of which gallery I want to check out.


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