Wk11 – Artist Interview – Wesley Hicks

This week I decided to review one of Wesely Hick’s pieces. When I walked into the gallery, at first I was surprised at how man different sculpture he had out. In my experience most of the galleries  had maybe five or ten different pieces. This Gallery had way more than ten and all of the sculpture were pretty small. I found that unusual because many of the galleries did have small sculpture, but they also featured big ones as well

The one piece that captured my attention is the one shown as the featured image. At first glance I had no idea what to make of it. After further investigation I decided that it looked like a pancake with melted butter on top. Well, maybe not a pancake, but some sort of breakfast food that has some sort of sauce on it. I could also see how these piece could have different interpretations to different people.

There is not really any good explanation or underlying theme to this piece or this gallery, but that is the beauty of it. These pieces that Wesley made have countless ways to be interpreted. Every individual is going to look at it and feel something different from it and have their own unique interpretation of the piece.


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