Wk11 – Activity – Student Choice.

So I kinda did the Student choice project on Halloween. This Halloween I decided to stray from my usual halloween activities and instead went to one of my friends house. It was a small little get together with no more than twenty people there. The theme of this party was zombies. So pretty much everyone at the party, brought old shirts, ripped them up, put on some makeup and added in some flesh wounds. Adding in the flesh wounds were actually pretty easy. Basically, you get toilet paper glue it on to the body, add more fake blood onto it and even out the toilet paper with foundation. It was super easy and the results looked pretty realistic. I actually got to partake in helping dress people up and I pretty much did the whole outfit and the makeup for my cousin.

Cousin in white shirt

Cousin in white shirt

Dressing people up and turning them into zombies was super fun and I hope to do it again someday!


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