Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Nathaniel Glauninger

This week Nathaniel Glauninger’s work caught my eye. When I first entered the room I saw this massive cube. Under closer inspection I realized that they were all pennies and that they were all neatly stacked to form a giant cube. I think this piece is kinda genius, because each penny is unique. Each penny was created at different times, and has different color tones and shines to it. The pennies were all basically created the same, but after being sent out to be used as money each penny has been in the hands of different people and been to different places. It is hard to fathom where each of these pennies could have been in before actually ending up in this sculpture.

A thought that ran through my mind is if the interior of the sculpture was also made of pennies. It would make a lot of sense to me, to make a cube then place all the pennies around the box. Can you imagine how heavy this thing would be if the interior of the box was also pennies?

Another thought I had was how much money is this box literally worth? My analytical side of me was tempted to count each row, column and side; so that I could do the math to see how much money the cube would be worth.  Overall this sculpture is awesome and I believe that this sculpture is priceless.


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