Wk9 – Classmate Interview – Parker Mandujano

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Parker Mandujano. He is freshman who comes from Corona California, and is currently undeclared for his major. He dorms at Parkside and loves to play sports. One thing we share in common is we both play basketball. Although I do not play as often as I would like it was cool being able to talk about our passion for basketball. He also plays soccer which is cool, because when I was younger I played soccer as well.

I realized that me and Parker think pretty similarly. When my friend Bre was talking about the location of her job she said it was on 4th street. I immediately gave Parker a confused looked and turned to Bre and asked her, “wait, so you work on a street?” She nodded and said she worked in a both. In my mind I was thinking that she worked at a kiosk randomly placed on the sidewalk of 4th street. I was so confused, so I looked to Parker for affirmation.  He agreed with, which validated my right to be confused. We all began to laugh and bre explained it was an actual building in a shopping center not a random kiosk in the middle of the street.

Another interesting thing that happened with Parker is his astonishment that I am a junior. I think every time I have talked with someone for these artist interviews they are all always astonished that I am a junior. Maybe it is because I am 5’7 and look young. Anyways, it was amusing to hear the reasons why Parker believed that I was yonger.

Overall Parker is a cool guy, and if you want to see more of him check him out at



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