Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Heather Hassenbein

This week i decided to review one of Heather Hassenbein’s pieces. Heather is a talented artist and for this gallery she skillfully molded beautiful pieces of art. I was so captivated with her pieces because they looked so intriguing. It is almost impossible to look at it and not spend a few minutes staring at it trying to figure out what it is.

The reason I chose this piece is because it looks like a delicious chocolate dessert. It looks like thin slices of white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. The little red dots, look like little fruity chewy candy. Honestly, when I first saw it I got really hungry and really wanted to eat it. I was talking to my home girl Bre and was like, “dude this looks delicious.” Under further examination I realized that it in fact was not chocolate and that it actually looks like this type of flour paper that I use to make a Chinese dish called Gyoza. Now, I make Gyoza a lot and am pretty familiar with the materials I use in order to create this dish. As I examined the art piece closer I swear that the these white pieces looked like the gyoza paper I use. I was determined to find out if the artist used gyoza paper for her art pieces. I waited to talk with the artist, but there was a long line and I needed answers now! So I looked at the paper that was posted in the front and to my disappointment the art pieces were made up of polymer clay not flour paper. This made me sad, but it made much more sense to use clay instead of food that would eventually spoil and go bad.

Overall, I thought Heather Hassenbein’s pieces were intriguing and even though they were not made out of gyoza paper I still did not take away from the subtle beauty that these pieces dislay.


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