Wk8 – Activity – ePortfolio

For this weeks activity we needed to create a new or update our ePortfolios. I decided to create a website, hoping that it would serve to be an online resume. I believe that in this time a piece of paper does not really describe a person accurately given the technology we have. A resume that can be displayed online is a great idea, and just might give me the edge I need to out shine the competition.

My audience will be employers looking to hire me for a job, organizations looking to accept me as an internship, and really any person or entity in general looking to offer me any beneficial opportunities. I would like to communicate to the people looking at my new eportfolio who I am as a person, work/internship experience, passions and skill set. I will achieve this goal by posting up different posts for each category and keeping constantly updating my site, so that the most current information is always available for the people in question to view. If each post has good information on it and is personalized enough so that the employers can get a good understanding of who I am then I believe this portfolio has served its purpose.

Currently, I only have two posts up, one about my current job and the other about my internship I had during the summer. My hope is that I will be able to fill this list up with more posts to make me seem marketable to the employers.






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