Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Carina LaMarchina

This week I had the chance to interview Carina LaMarchina. Carina is a freshman and is currently studying sociology, However she is thinking of changing her major to graphic design. She use to live in Thousand Oaks and went to a private high school.

One hobby that she enjoys is acting. She recently just starred in a short film project, which showcased much of her talents and skills. She said the film was about to ex drug dealers and how they try to change themselves. Sound very interesting and I could tell she was really passionate about acting. Another awesome thing I learned about her us that she has her own agent. Honestly, that is super cool and just shows that she must be a really good actor if she has her own agent.

One cool thing I observed about Carina is that she is very confident in herself. As we walked through the galleries and wanted to know more information about the pieces she did not hesitate to ask the artist our questions and was able to engage in fairly deep conversation. I could tell she really cared about the artist’s opinion and I believe that the artists we talked to really appreciated her attentiveness.

Here is a picture of my friend who stole my phone and took a selfie. Her punishment is me posting this on my blog.



Overall hanging out with Carina was a pleasure and I am glad I got to know her. Check her out at  http://carinalamarchina.com/


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