Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Nora Ayala

This week I decided to review one of Nora Ayalas’ art pieces. I think the reason why I really enjoyed this piece is because of its uniqueness. This piece reminded me of a mind mapping diagrams that the protagonist of a mystery movies would plot out to identify who the antagonist is. I believe Ayala pretty much created this piece not to find a mystery killer, but to plot out her life to try to figure herself out.

Life in general is hard to figure out. Life brings up many questions like:  What should I eat today? Should I study Today? What classes should I take next year? What am I doing with my life? These endless amount of questions and multiple answers could definitely confuse and frustrate someone. I believe that taking the time to organize one’s life is something everyone has to go through and making a diagram to help plan it out is not necessarily a bad idea.

I think another reason why I loved this piece is the vulnerability and raw emotions that are literally spelled out on it. wpid-img_20141016_110609382.jpg

In this small part of the whole piece if one was to take the time to read each thought bubble one would realize that Nora is literally spelling out all of her emotions. The ability to be this open with all her viewers is respectable and I do not believe that many people would have the confidence to do this. Overall, Nora’s art was amazing and I really enjoyed her openness with her viewers.


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