Wk7 – Classmate Interview – Alan Vu

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alan Vu. He is a sophomore and hopes to major in speech pathology. Alan comes from Salinas, which is up in Northern California. Interestingly enough he has family that lives in Huntington Beach and their home is actually about a 5 minute drive from my house. Alan lives at school and is a resident assistant for CSULB.

I feel like in the short amount of time we spent together I go to know the guy pretty well. It sounds like he really enjoys his residential duties and takes pride in his work. He shared a little bit about some of the various experiences he has as an RA. He mentioned that when there are fire drills at the dorm it is taken very seriously and that he has to go to every room to make sure everyone evacuates out of the building. Alot of the other residents do not take this drill seriously and refuse to leave, so sometimes Alan has to be the bad guy and force them out. He also mentioned that people do some pretty strange things when they are in the dorms. I really enjoyed listening to all the ideas Alan has for building a sense of community within his building. I think it is awesome when someone is really passionate about something and willing to go the extra mile for their job.

One funny moment we had together was when we were inside the Chrysalis gallery. That is actually were we ran into each other and decided to interview each other. As we watched the video and tried figuring out the meaning behind it, Breanne started spitting some mad knowledge about the video. Me and Alan looked at each other like she was crazy, because she was talking about caterpillars  and butterflies, which at the time seemed unrelated. But then she pointed out the gallery name, then everything made sense. We had a good laugh and continued on with the exhibits.

Overall Alan was a super chill guy and I would be down to hang with the guy again. If you want to see more of Alan check him out at: http://alantvu.wordpress.com/


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