Wk7 – Artist Conversation -Daniel A. Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa

This week I decided to interview Daniel A. Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa. They decided to do an art in the form of a visual experience. They accomplished this by recording their experience and editing the film in order to make a little video. In the video Daniel and Vanessa wrapped together with cloth, and they are placed in public areas for all people to see. This was an interesting piece that has a deep meaning.

I believe that this piece symbolises transformation of a human. They titled the gallery, “Chrysalis” which hints at the idea of change or transformation. The word chrysalis refers to the the stage in life of a caterpillar before it turns into a butterfly. This stage is usually referred to as the chrysalis stage. I order for the caterpillar to grow up it need to eat so that it can go to the next stage of life. I believe this reflects human growth. When we are babies we are totally dependent on our parents and our main source of nutrients come from the love and care of our parents. The next stage in a person’s like is adolescence were we experience a little more freedom, but still remain dependent on our parents. The main source of nutrients here is experiences independence. Then The next stage would be adulthood or higher education. Here the main source of nutrients is knowledge and slo experiences. Much like a caterpillar people go through changes and at different times in life they need different sources of nutrients in order to grow and advance to the next stage in life.

Cloth used in chrysalis.

Cloth used in chrysalis.

One humorous thing that happened during my interview with Daniel was the different reactions he got during the filming. he said that many people took interest in their project, but some got really curious. Daniel said that one person asked them, “Do you guys need help and are you okay?” I found this very amusing because if i saw two people wrapped in cloth just standing in the streets I would think they need help too.


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