Wk7 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity required us to paint. In order to get the extra credit me and Lindsey Karasawa decided to go out to Venice and tag on the walls on the beach. The drive out there was pretty rough and finding parking was very difficult, but we got there safe and sound.

Lindsey observing the art

Lindsey observing the art

When me and Lindsey got to the walls I was amazed at how awesome the tags looked. They were all so unique and personalized. Honestly, I felt wrong tagging over other people’s beautiful work. Who am I to tag over people’s masterpieces when I am only doing this for a school grade. So I decided to tag mine in a little corner and to make my it really small so that it would not cover the others tags. Coming out to venice really made me appreciate this form of art. At first I thought that only gangstas tagged, but I realized that the everyday person like myself could do it and that tagging has it’s own sense of beauty and awesomeness that it unique to other art forms.

So my tag looks pretty horrible and I did not really do bubble lettering.  Since me and Lindsey went to Venice early I did not  know that we had to do bubble lettering, so I decided to redeem myself and although I am a newb at art I thought my new tag came out pretty well.

My revised tag

My revised tag


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