Wk6 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Lee

This week i had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Lee. He is a freshman and is hoping to major in business. He lives in Cerritos, which is super cool becauses a good amount of my homies come from cerritos and I am in that area fairly frequently. He is a chill dude and I enjoyed our time we spent together.

One cool thing I about Kevin is that he likes to play basketball. I used to really enjoy playing basketball too, so we got tal talk about basketball together. He is generally a pretty tall dude, so I joked with him and asked to give me some of his height because I am short. Being tall would have been nice.

One thing that surprised me about Kevin is when he asked me if he could interview me. In general, I am usually the guy that likes to ask people to pair up, but Kevin just walked straight up to me and asked if we could partner up. It surprised me  because I am not used to being the one that gets approached, but it was a nice change of pace.

One funny moment we had together was looking at the deer man in the, “Labyrinth” exhibit. I think Kevin really liked the sculpture because he wanted us to take a picture next to it, which was cool because the picture turned out great. It was sharing opinions about the art and learning more about Kevin.

If you want to learn more about Kevin check him out at



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