Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Isiah Ulloa

This week I went into the gallery, “Labyrinth” and saw many interesting sculptures. I thought the deer man sculpture was quite intriguing, but the snow sculptures were the ones that really fascinated me. The artist behind these works of art is Isiah Ulloa and he also created the goat and snow face sculptures.

When I first entered this gallery I was immediately drawn to the snow sculptures. As I walked closer to the body encased in snow I wondered if the the sculpture was actually made of snow. Logically, I would be impossible to keep the snow from melting in this California heat, let alone shape it into this piece of art. I was dying to know what this sculpture was made of. I was tempted to touch the snow like substance to decipher what it could be, but out of respect to the artist and also to not get in trouble I reframed from doing so. To ease my curiosity I decided to ask the artist.

I did not really get to talk to Isiah directly, because there were a lot of people talking to him, so i just listened in on their conversations. Amazingly, it turns out that the snow sculpture was made with mostly 3D printing!! The sheer size of the sculpture was impressive, but knowing that this was created by a machine for the most part fascinated me. Obviously, there was some form of Isiah carving the structure to his liking, but other than that it was all the machine. Another interesting fact was that the person in the sculpture was modeled after him. I do not know if the size of the sculpture is proportional to Isiah himself because I thought that actual person looked bigger than the sculpture.

In a sense this sculpture made me feel some what sad. It looked like a person who was depressed and decided to lay in the snow. As time passed the snow capsulated the person creating this sculpture. Snow makes things cold, and coldness can also be related to depression or sorrow. Sometimes in life, the cold can get to us. This cold can freeze us, making us unable to take action and unable to get out of this situation

Overall, The sculpture’s in this gallery were awesome and I really enjoyed hearing the methods the artist used to create these masterpieces.


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