Wk5 – Artist Conversation – I-Tan Wong

This week I decided to do a review on I-Tan Wong’s pictures specifically the one with eyes on it. I would not say that I was drawn in by the beauty of the photo, but more by my fear of it. I have an irrational fear of holes, and circular objects that are in close proximity to each other. The phobia is called trypophobia and surprisingly many people have this irrational fear. Studies have shown that people are not really afraid of the holes, but find the holes repulsive and disgusting. The moment I saw this picture I immediately was struck with fear and had to turn away due to it’s disgusting nature. Not to bash on Wong’s photo , but when holes are involved my skin starts to crawl.

Analyzing the photos I believe that this photo has a symbolic meaning for motherhood and asian culture. As a general statement, mother’s always seem to have eyes everywhere when it comes to their children. Mom’s always have to know where their child are and what exactly they are doing. The eyes represent how moms are always watching their children and that children will never be able to get away from their ever watchful eyes.

I also believe that the color of the hair and the background of the photo represents anger. The background color is a deep red and gives off an angry vibe. The hair is even dyed red to further enforce this idea of an angry women. If one really analyzed the face of the women, one could see almost see and angry scowl and eyes that could pierce through the soul.

Overall, this picture does an excellent job to portray emotions and the many eyes help capture the viewer’s attention.


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