Wk5 – Classmate Interview – Salina Chavez & Marie Mendez

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing not one person, but two people. I had the opportunity to get to know Salina Chavez and Marie Mendez. Even though getting to know two people at the same time might be harder that interviewing one, it is always nice to get to know more people. Both Salina and Marie are juniors in college just like myself and both live in Long Beach. Salina wants to major in Child Development and Marie is not really sure what she wants to major in yet. Which is totally understandable because sometime I do not know what I am doing in my major. What is life?

One awesome thing I learned about Salina is that she has awesome tattoos. Here it is.

wpid-wp-1411695148908.jpegShe told me that each feather on her tattoo represents one of her brothers and sisters and the blue jay represents herself. The blue jay’s wing covers the feathers which represents her always protecting her siblings. I thought that her tattoo was super inspiring, because I really want a tattoo for myself. I have not gotten one yet because I do not have a viable reason to get one. I believe all tattoo should have a story behind it, or it has to have a meaningful reason.

When we went into the art exhibits it was interesting to hear all of the different interpretations that each person had to give. Each person lives life differently and each person had a unique story, I believe that the beauty behind art is that each person has a different opinion on pieces and that these various interpretations is what makes art unique to each individual.

Overall hanging out with these girls was super fun. If you want more of these girls check them out at. http://marielmendez.wordpress.com/    http://salinachavez2110.com/


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