Wk4 – Activity – Plaster Casting

To be completely honest I was not looking forward to this activity. It required for to use up valuable gas money and to use money to buy the plaster. On top of that I knew that I could not go on Saturday with the class group, so I had to either go with someone else or by myself. This scenario stressed me out and made me dread this activity. Then my prayers were answered by Lindsey Karasawa. She also was in the same situation I was in, so we decided to go together.

The process of making the plaster body parts was actually pretty fun.I honestly love digging holes, so digging the holes in the sand was a ton of fun for me. I even took it upon myself to dig some extra holes while we let the plaster sit in our molds.

pretty deep

To her knees 

I was half joking when I told Lindsey to go into the hole, but she was a great sport and just jumped in. Then I got really into digging this hole and this is the end product.

Getting serious about digging

Getting serious about digging

There was a lot of laughs that day and spending time with Lindsey again was awesome. By the end of this activity I realized that I actually enjoyed doing this activity a lot.  I learned that working together as a team is always better than doing it alone and that when working together to make art always results with fun and laughter.


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