Wk4 – Classmate Interview – Breanne Lee

I had the pleasure of interviewing Breanne Lee today in class. Breanne is a sophomore who is currently studying fashion and merchandising. She originally came from Nor Cal in Sac Town, but is currently living that apartment life to attend CSULB. Breanne is a super chill girl and I can see us hanging out again in the future.

As I got to know Breanne I found out that she was a cheerleader in high school. That is awesome because my best friend was the cheer captain at her high school and she always gave me an ear full of information about cheer. It was fun talking about the different aspects of cheer with Breanne and throughout our conversation I could tell that she is super passionate about cheer. Breanne told me that she is participating in cheer activities at CSULB and I honestly had no idea that we had a cheer time. I hope that sometime in the future I’ll go to a school event and see my buddy Breanne cheering and showing that school spirit.

When me and Breanne went to the various exhibits we decided to go into the one that had sculptures of people. We both agreed that the sculptures were intriguing and that each sculpture uniquely expressed different emotions just like a human. There was one sculpture that was hunched over in almost a writhing position with it’s neck turned 180 degrees. Breanne challenged me to try to mimic the sculpture’s awkward position, I usually do not back down from a challenge but due to human limitations I had to back down. Instead we mimicked the other sculptures and that was hilariously fun!


Breanne making the first move. Don’t worry she got his number.

Overall, Breanne was fun to be with and for me it felt like we had been friends for a long time. Hope to see her around and if you want to see more of her check her out at:



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