Wk3 – Classmate Interview – Ryan Wang

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Wang. He is a freshman who is striving for a business major. He attended Brea Olinda High school and lives in Brea, but during the semester dorms at CSULB because that commute would be rough. Overall, was a chill guy had fun talking with him and was super jealous of his height.

One thing that we both had in common was our love for basketball. I have been playing basketball almost my entire life and it is always nice to talk with someone who shares a love for the game. I found out that he also keeps up with the NBA and we were able to discuss out opinions on the trades. We talked about how Cleveland is stacked and that the Bulls are going to be actual contenders this year. My favorite part of this conversation was talking about our favorite players. My all time favorite player is Kobe Bryant and even though he is not what he used to be, he still is one of the best players ever. Ryan’s favorite player is Stephen Curry. A respectable answer, since the dude can definitely ball.

Me and Ryan decided to check out Christopher Vavrek’s exhibit and we were surprised when we went in. It looked like a maze from Knott’s Scary Farm and at first I was hesitant to go inside because I feared that a masked monster was going to jump out and attack me. Me and Ryan joked around as we walked through the exhibit and I found out that Ryan is not into scary stuff. That is totally understandable because I am not either. We did however appreciate the time and effort that the artist put into his work. Obviously, the artist had a vision and was able to masterfully reuse old technology to create something spectacular.

Ryan is an awesome guy and I hope to see more of him during this class. Check him out at http://binyangwang.wordpress.com/


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