Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Patricia Rangel

Today at the exhibit I decided to have an engaging conversation with Patricia Rangel. At first, I felt slightly unsatisfied with the the selection of artists, but I had a wonderful conversation with the Patricia so it totally made up for it. She was on the shorter side, dressed fashionably, and had a very sweet voice. Overall, she seemed to have a chill personality, but at times spurts of excitement would be revealed when she would talk about her art. She was pleasant to be around and I had a good time with her even though we spent a little less than ten minutes together.

As I talked with Patricia she told me the stories behind most of her pieces. For example, the piece with the bricks laid out had a special meaning behind it. All of the dirt that was gathered to make the bricks were all from places in her home town that had special meaning to her. I am pretty sure she said that one of the places she pulled the dirt out of was from her grandfather’s backyard. I believe that this pieces of art is a reflection of her appreciation from where one comes from. I can imagine Patricia going back to her hometown and visiting all the places that held found memories of her past. I can tell that these pieces hold much meaning to the artist and each piece is very special to her.

Further analyzing the piece I believe that the reason why she chose dirt as her material to work with as representation of foundation. Dirt serves as the foundation of the world, and pretty much everything we know is built on top of dirt. Where we came from is like dirt, it serves as our foundation in life, how we were raised is essentially who we are as a person. It has been proven by scientist that the early years of life and the interactions we have as adolescence is when we figure out who we are and what we want to become. Much like how dirt serves as the foundation for concrete than buildings, so does where one comes from. Appreciating and understanding where one comes from can help them better understand and accept themselves, resulting with success in life.


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