Wk2 – GLAMFA Artist – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth

The piece I decided to review this week is, “A Big Dog, An Ugly Woman, Two Shotguns and A Claw Hammer” by Lisa Diane Wedgeworth. I was drawn to this painting because I could feel the depth to it. It stood out in the room because of the vastness of the painting and the simplicity behind it. The painting invoked so many thoughts and emotions that it naturally draws viewers to gaze endlessly into the darkness. 

This painting has a real gloomy feel to it. The painting had only a few colors: black, white, and some shades of grey. The lack of colors and the intensity of white and black makes the painting simple, but has major depth to it at the same time. The painting almost looks like a tunnel or a light flashing in the darkness. It could also be a type of light sources that is being swallowed by darkness. 

There are many symbolic messages that can be made from this painting. One could argue that the darkness represents hard times in life and the white light represents the hope for a better future. The painting could also mean that the light is a representation of purity that is slowly being tainted by corruption and darkness within the world. Another interpretation could be the comparison of good and evil and the conflict that everyone has everyday about making choices. 

This has expanded my views of art, by challenging my original beliefs of what defines art.  Art can be abstract at times and it could look like a bunch of lines and scribbles that invoke no meaning or depth. This was my belief at first, but after seeing Lisa’s painting I now believe that these abstract pieces of art can invoke emotion. It all depends on a person’s experiences and how much effort they want to put in in order to see something miraculous. 



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