Wk2 – Activity – Instagram

For this week’s art activity the class had to take at least 4 photos and post them and instagram with the #art110f14. In order to see if there was a common theme with the pictures we took or to see if the photos were completely random. Through my observations out of the 466 posts I have can conclude that the photos as a whole were all random with no solid theme. Although some photos did match up with others resulting with some sort of unification, all the photos as a whole did not have any solid theme that could be placed on it. 

As I scrolled through the instagrams posts I did notice some photos that resonated with me and captured my interest. 


Fish tank!!

This clip of a fish tank posted by @notoriouslam was freaking awesome. The fish in the tank are looking on point and as a fish keeper myself I was immediately drawn to this video. Keeping fish may be tough at times, but the reward of keeping these beautiful animals are worth it.  


Lancer Evo!!

This photo by @marlyn6_ resonates with me because I have a custom 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. I love my car so much and seeing other people that take pride in their cars always makes me feel like I have a connection with them, especially if they love Lancers. The car is looking on point and I hope it stays looking this fresh for years to come. 


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