Wk1 – GLAMFA Artist – Evan Trine

The Piece of art that I decided to evaluate is The Vegetable Man in the vegetable Van, by Evan Trine. When I first saw this piece of art I was drawn to it like a magnet. Something about it was peculiar, I felt like the image was recognizable, but I was unable to distinguish what it was exactly. This confused and frustrated me, to the point where I just stood there and stared at the photo trying to figure out what it could be. I chose to review this piece, because out of all the pieces of art I saw that day this was the only one that grabbed my attention and captured my imagination.

The curiosity of what this image could be drove me to go onto the GLAMFA website to look up the author and hope that he offered an explanation of what it was, or why he created it. After reading the author’s statement on the GLAMFA website I came to a conclusions.  This man is a genius, the adjustments made on the photo are subtle enough to create a true work of art. The way he enlarged, reduced, saturated, distorted and  sharpened the image made it unrecognizable. The contrast of bright unusual colors captured people’s attention, resulting in a piece that has an unusual sort of complexness and beauty. The point of the photo is to not have clear explanation of what it is. I believe that the beauty of this photos comes from its distortions, and that people being captivated and confused by it was Evan’s goal all along.  

I always thought that photos are an artform in itself. Photos can invoke so many emotions and have different meaning to different people. It is an easy way for a normal unartistic person to become  an artist who can express themselves through their photos. I believe Evan Trine’s work with his photos has revolutionized my understanding of photos as an artform. With photo editing advancing with each year, artist like Evan have countless ways of manipulating a photo, resulting with limitless possibilities. 

As a whole, I like Evan’s work. It was able to capture my interest, expanded my perspective on art and the practices of artists. I look forward to seeing Evan’s work in the future, his manipulation of photos have forever changed the way I perceive art. 

For more of Evan Trine’s work go to http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Trine_2014.html


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