Wk1 – Classmate Interview – Lindsey Karasawa

Lindsey Karasawa

For the first class interview I had the pleasure to meet Lindsey Karasawa (lindseykarasawa.wordpress.com). Her ethnicity is Japanese and she is eighteen years old. She is a Sophomore and currently studying Nutrition Dietetics. She enjoys spending time with her friends, serving at her local church, watching makeup tutorials, and loving on her adorable brother and sister. Overall, she seems put together, dresses fashionably, and was enjoyable to be around. One thing that I enjoyed about her was her sassiness. As we went around the different rooms I was able to learn more about her life and personality. 

students in art gallery

Sassy face!

When we went to the various exhibits I noticed that she enjoyed sharing her opinion on the different pieces.  Many of her comments about the pieces were positive and I could tell that she analyzed each piece in order to give a deserving compliment, however, there was one piece that did not receive a compliment. The artist Kang Seung Lee painted accurate pictures of half naked men posing, almost like they were taking selfies. Two of the pictures happend to have the male genitalial compleltely exposed and as me and Lindsey walked by the photo I could tell she was a little uncomfortable with the picture. She was in no way disrespectful to the artist’s art, but as we walked by she did say, “eeewww.” To be completely honest I was a little uncomfortable with the painting myself, and did not blame her for her honesty.

As we continued the tour I found out the she is a Christian. I thought that this was an awesome discovery because I am a Christian as well. She told me how she helps out with her youth program at her local church and about all the mission trips that she had been on. It made much more sense why she was uncomfortable with the picture, most Christians tend to be conservative and pictures of male reproductive organs usually is something they do not want to see. 

As the class continued I found out that she was relatively new to the arts. She did not have a favorite artist and had little to no knowledge about art. She did mention that she was into music and youtube videos. She enjoys the youtube videos that have a lesson behind it, or ones that have a deeper meaning to them. As a fellow youtube addict I could understand why she brought up youtube as a form of art. A lot of these youtube channels provide compelling videos that speak to many people in different ways on a deeper level.  

I had a blast with Lindsey and I hope to see more of her in the future!


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